Social Media has become an integral part of any marketing strategy today. It provides a cost-effective medium to amplify the marketing efforts and to grow brand awareness and recognition.

Everyone today uses social media to market themselves, their thoughts, ideas and products. We share a lot of things on social media each day. From interesting quotes to pictures to products to general snippets from our daily lives, social media is being used by individuals and businesses alike to reach people world over and connect and engage with them.

Effective and efficient use of the design in social media can result in higher engagement from the target audience. One important metric of engagement is the number of shares. The more the number of shares, wider the reach and visibility leading to better brand perception and finally more leads. The focus and effort need to be on how to engage with the audience and motivate them to share the post.

Here are some great tips to increase social media shares

1. Write an appealing headline.

The audience will read through the entire post, only if they are compelled to do it. An interesting headline and stimulating first few lines will motivate them to read the post to the end and in all likelihood increase the chances of shares of the post.

Write an appealing headline

2. Post on a current topic.

There are a lot of tools today that can help identify the current trending topics on the web. A post on such topic will increase the probability of greater visibility of the post and thereby the likelihood of more shares.

Post on a current topic

3. Use aboriginal art and designs.

Due to their distinct style, enticing patterns and vibrant colours, usage of aboriginal designs is a great way to highlight the post and bring attention to it. Aboriginal design backgrounds can be used to enhance the visual quotient of a post and make it stand out from the crowd.

Use aboriginal art and designs

4. Optimize the design for mobile viewing.

Given that today almost everyone is using the mobile to access the web and stay connected, it is extremely important that the post design is optimized for mobile viewing so the audience is enticed to stay. According to researched data, the audience is most likely to lose interest and leave if they are not able to navigate and read the post in the first 3-5 seconds.

Optimize the design for mobile viewing

5. Enable Sharing.

The post needs to have multiple sharing options across multiple platforms. The sharing buttons should be placed in a way that they are easily visible and accessible, requiring minimum effort from the audience.

Enable Sharing

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Here is an example of what a good post could look like. The headline is interesting, the aboriginal art image used in the post is vibrant and captivating and the share buttons are placed appropriately at the top, close to the headline.

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