Pricing tables play a key role in every online business website that offers products or services. As online businesses are booming, effective pricing tables help users to compare and choose the best pricing plan based on their needs. Pricing tables can add extra value to your offerings and help you reach your business goals. If the pricing table is not simple and clear users can lose interest in buying the services.

Pricing Tables Structure

There are two types of pricing table are being used.

1. Vertical Pricing Table

Vertical Pricing Table

2. Horizontal Pricing Table

Horizontal Pricing Tables

It depends upon your content and features to choose the best table structure. If you have to display a lot of features then choose a vertical pricing table.

Pricing Tables Design

A pricing table must only contain those pieces of information in which a visitor is interested. But at the same time, it should differentiate the prices and features of the different products & services.

A pricing table is designed in such a way that it communicates differences in the options and features instead of similarities. If the pricing table doesn't present a visible distinction between the options, it may appear confusing and useless for visitors.

Emphasize Pricing Tables

Emphasize Pricing Tables

With an emphasis on one particular product or service, you can easily attract the attention of your customers towards one special plan. Using a different background color, font color, or size you can emphasize the pricing table.

Differentiate Free and Paid Plan

Free and Paid Plan Pricing Tables

If your pricing table has both paid and free plans, then design and presentation play a pivotal role in business goals. Prefer an appealing look for your premium plans to attract your customers.

Crisp and Simple

If you think offering more plans is effective and gives customers a wider range of choices. It only confused the customers and can severely affect your business goals. On average, use 2-5 plan options pricing table.


Here are some best pricing table graphics collection by our Hello Vector graphics team. I hope that these designs will inspire you to create a beautiful pricing table design.

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